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what a day!

Today Justin and I joined up with my cousin Lindsay and our friends Kara & Seth and went to King's Island! I have been wanting to go since our last trip over 5 years ago...it didn't disappoint, actually it was one of the most fun days I've had in a while! Not only were we with great people, it was "GE" day (Seth works for GE) so we went when the park opened and had hardly any lines! By the time we were leaving it was getting a little more crowded, but our longest & only wait time was no more than 15 mins! *and it was for my favorite ride, so it was worth it!
I snapped a few pictures...while we weren't upside down :)
Here are a few from the day:

A not so great group picture to start the day! Sorry Justin!
The second ride of the day: Just the girls!Seth & Kara on The Beast:Justin & Lindsay: *nice hair babe ;)Funny story about this one. We decided to go on the White Water Adventure right before we left. Knowing that we had over a good hour to ride home, I was not really looking forward to getting wet. As we walked the long walk back, some people were dry, and some soaked. Kara really, really wanted to get soaked...I did not.
Well, of course you can guess what happened. Kara was wet enough that she was dry half way through the park...I was still quite wet when we arrived home hours later (we made a few stops too). Oh well, at least it felt good for a couple minutes :)
*you can't tell from my dark clothes...trust me, I was soaked!
We had a great time, I'm already counting down to next year!


Kara September 8, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

Love the photos! Seth and I had a blast! I think a tradition is in the making :-)Are you dry yet?

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